Life Care Services

Browse our basic elder care services below.

These services are included in our pricing packages.*

*Limitations apply

Elder Care Sitter Services

With a continued primary focus on your loved one's safety, our caring, compassionate, trusted and dependable qualified staff members, referred to as Life Care Partners (LCP), will arrive promptly at your family member's home and offer quality companionship with them during the days/hours that you feel is warranted.  We will assess the elderly person's needs regularly and suggest changes and updates to the sitter schedule.
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Basic Tech & Computer Assistance

Simple installations of TV, internet, wi-fi, smart phone use, computer assistance (not repairs) and the like.

Companion Care

Like having the best roommate ever!  Our genuinely caring staff members will offer wonderful companionship to your elderly family member, keeping them actively involved in the hobbies they look forward to and can still enjoy when safe to do so.  It's so important for each of us to have something to look forward to each day.  A Quality of Life Services staff member, referred to as their Life Care Partner (LCP),  can search out and determine fun, safe, inspiring experiences for your loved one to keep them participating in living!

Long Term Care Insurance Claims assistance

We offer assistance in dealing directly with your Long Term Care Insurance Provider to assure that our invoicing and billing formats meet or exceed their requirements, so that you get your claims paid in full.

Safety Checks Around the Home

We consistently keep a keen eye out for any safety issues around the home, such as area rugs that can cause a trip hazard, loose wires, faulty thresholds, and more.  Any concerns are immediately brought to the family's attention for consideration to correct.

Simple Meal Preparation

We offer simple meal preparation assistance, based on your loved ones dietary needs and preferences.  As best as possible, we even monitor any foods that might impact drug effectiveness.  And, we can even see to it that they have their favorite birthday cake on their special day, if the family makes this request.

            Transportation Assistance

This might be the most appreciated service we offer to the elderly, for both the family members and for the elderly client!  It brings great peace of mind knowing that your loved one is able to get around town safely and securely in order to attend various doctor appointments, church, go grocery shopping, errand running, visiting friends and family, just get out and ride around to get a change of scenery and more.  *Your loved one must be able to walk safely with assistance.

           Shopping Assistance

We can assist your loved one with grocery shopping and delivery.  Also, we can help with placing online orders for items on the internet to ensure their credit card information is kept safe and not compromised.  Many times, the elderly do not understand "secure" websites (ie. those that start with "https" in the web address name; the "s" denotes it's a secure site).  We can offer some hand-holding when placing orders, taking shopping trips around town, and all the while enjoying the time to get out of the house and a change of scenery or we can take care of shopping for them while they remain at home.

           Light Housekeeping

We offer light housekeeping, such as trash removal, loading and unloading dishwasher, sweeping, wipe down sinks and the like.

           Running Errands

We can run errands outside of our time with your loved one when they can't or don't want to accompany our staff member.  This is very  helpful to family who are not nearby and are not available on a moment's notice to assist their loved one when an errand needs attention.

 Laundry Assistance

We are available to assist your loved one with their laundry needs, including washing and drying clothing, linens, towels and normal daily laundry loads if there is a working washer and dryer in the home.  *Additional costs may apply when sending out for laundry services or for dry cleaning or large bedding cleaning needs.

  Medication Reminders

Keeping track of prescriptions and over the counter drugs can be quite a challenge, especially for your elderly family member.  Changes in dosing can be confusing to your loved one.  Remembering to take the medicine is another concern; or more importantly, not over dosing when they forgot they already took the prescribed dosage.  We provide caring conscientious organization of medication reminders and we work with the pharmacist and doctor's offices to make certain all prescription medications are filled and refilled prior to expiration.  At times, we require help from a family member to work with the doctor's offices when new prescriptions are written.  We can pick up certain RX prescriptions from the pharmacy and deliver to your loved one.