Concierge Services

Browse our elder concierge services below.*

These concierge services are considered "extra"... outside of our normal pricing plans,

and each concierge service is priced separately

and expressly tailored to fit with your loved ones needs and budget.

*These services are provided at additional costs when needed.

These services are usually needed in and around the home at some time or another.

We are well connected in the community and we retain a list of trusted local vendors

who can be brought in to assist your elderly loved one for any of these services and more.

We assist in obtaining cost estimates for any of these extra services.

Lawn Services

Lawn mowing, weed eating, edging and leaf blowing.

Flower Bed Maintenance

Weeding of flower beds, trimming of shrubbery, purchase and planting of flowers and perennials.  Removal of bushes, trees, dead plants, etc.

Minor Home Repairs

Home repairs and improvements, such as painting, light fixture changes, installing safety accessories and equipment

Plumbing Services

Unclogging drains, changing out plumbing fixtures, repairing leaks, installing water filters and more.

Declutter Assistance

Assistance with attic clean out, closet clean out and organization, decluttering kitchen and garage with help from the family to determine what stays, what is donated and what is brought to the curb for trash pickup.

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Organizing Assistance

Extensive organizing assistance might include pulling everything out of closets, garages, attics, cabinets and cupboards and then sorting through the content, replacing only necessary items back in an organized manner.  

Professional Tech Services

TV installations, internet and wi-fi installations, extensive computer help and/or computer or ipad repairs, web camera installations, such as and setting up home alert systems, such as MobileHelp or LifeAlert and more.

* MobileHelp and LifeAlert are registered trademarks and are not affiliated in any way with Quality of Life Services.

And more...

There are too many extra services to list here.  If your elderly loved one needs help with something, we always do our very best to assist in getting them the help they need in a timely manner after consulting with their point of contact.