We make it possible for your elderly family member to remain in their home longer by providing a broad range of elder care services.

Our firm is located in Lafayette, Louisiana.  We are staffed with qualified, very caring, knowledgeable and trusted caregivers who have cleared background checks. 

Our Mission

Quality of Life Services is an energetic team committed to helping people maintain their independence and way of life. 

Our goal is to assist people in the management of all their needs in the comfort of their own homes. 

The foundation of our care approach is respect, grace and compassion.  

Our standard is that of excellence in providing comfort, safety and an enriched quality of life.

What We Deliver

A single contact for your lifecare needs.

Less time spent managing the detail of living life.

More time with loved ones living a happy life.

A focus on not just staying alive but living life better.

A premium suite of services for a distinguished clientele.

                   Letter from our Founder

My name is Johnathan Williams, Quality of Life Services founder. During my 10 years as a healthcare professional, I have witnessed families endure many hardships in providing care for their loved ones. I have held many of my patients' hands and wiped their tears as they spoke about wanting to spend more time with their loved ones, but feeling like a burden to their families because they can no longer manage their lives and personal care.

It is these experiences that inspired me to create Quality of Life Services, a spiritually based company focused on taking care of people with love and concern for those we serve. Our focus is restoring independence for our members and providing piece of mind to their families. We want to empower you to focus on your love for each other and to be able to just spend time together.

Thank you for considering giving us the opportunity to become a part of your family to help you make the life you choose possible.


Johnathan Williams

Founder, Quality of Life Services

Lafayette, LA

Call direct:  (337) 852-2797

Quality of Life Services

is your lifecare concierge. 

                                           To our clients: 

Make the life you choose possible!

To our families: 

Gain peace of mind, and most of all, time.

We manage your non-medical needs to keep you healthy at home. 

Quality of Life Services gives you and your family time and peace of mind so that you can focus on enjoying each other.  

 We enable you to live life better.

What our customers are saying

I would highly recommend Johnathan Williams and his very caring, dependable and capable staff, who we now consider family.  To anyone considering elder care services to make it possible for your elderly parent or family member to remain longer in their home, I cannot say enough about the amazing care we have received for our dad this past year.  He's happy, thriving, and enjoying life more fully, and my family and I know that it's all because Quality of Life Services made this possible for our dad.

Debi Frey - Very Satisfied Customer

What our customers are saying

We couldn't be happier with Johnathan, Quality of Life, and the entire staff.  Our father has thrived under their care allowing us to continue our lives and jobs without worry.  They help him with anything that is needed, from driving him to doctor's appointments to planting flowers!  It was tough when dad first came out of the hospital, then rehab, but Johnathon led us smoothly and professionally through it all and I can't recommend their services enough, nor can I thank them enough.  If you are in need, trust me, this is your guy!!

Mrs. Cindy Broussard - Very Satisfied Customer

What our customers are saying

My dad came to stay with us from New Orleans for what we thought was a temporary time in July.  He was recovering from some health issues.  My mom had passed away the previous February.  They had been married 49 years and 7 months.  My brother and I knew she had taken good care of him, but we had no idea how good and what was involved.  I became his primary caregiver for the next 6 months.  I became not only his caregiver, but his emotional support.  My role as daughter was no longer the same.  I am married with three teenagers.  My role as wife, mother, part-time Speech Pathologist and friend suffered as did my spirit.  Everything was suffering.  Nothing was done well.  We had to start discussing and making some long term decisions.  Going back to his home in New Orleans to live alone was no longer an option.  He did not want to go to an Assisted Living Facility.  I could not keep up the pace we were running.  I prayed, on my knees, for the right option to come and to come quickly.  God answered loudly and swiftly.  My  husband was given a Quality of Life Services business card from a friend.  We called Johnathan and he came to meet with us and meet my dad.  The minute he walked in the door, he exuded kindness, respect for my dad and compassion for what we had been going through.  We began using Quality of Life Services in our home and could not be happier.  It's difficult to understand how the service that QLS provides will help until you experience it.  Johnathan has a gift of developing relationships with respect and takes the TOTAL person into account.  My dad is thriving physically, emotionally happier and feeling more useful which has made his spirit soar.  I can be a daughter again, as well as fulfill my other roles.  There is no more suffering.  Quality of Life Services is aptly named.  Johnathan is truly passionate about his company and the services he provides.  He passes that on to his employees who exude the same qualities.  He provides a priceless service and uses the gifts God has given him to the fullest.  All are blessed!

Julie C. Bourque- Very Satisfied Customer